Make Shift Happen: The Masterclass for the Creative Entrepreneur

What is the Masterclass?

The Masterclass with Marcia Hoffheins is a 8-week program, designed to lead you to uncover your passions & turn your deepest desires into a reality - and live a life FREE of fear & doubt.
You'll discover what's holding you back from achieving your dreams, and create an action plan to set your goals in motion.
You'll leave with a platform for life, not just temporary success.
What are the deets?
Runs January 18 - March 8, 2021

We will meet 4 times via zoom during this 8 week program and 2 optional IN PERSON  (calls will take place via soom on Tuesday nights at 7pm)

Sessions @ AWL (we will also do this via zoom so all can attend)
Can't attend each call? NO BIGGIE. All calls are recorded and accessible through the portal.
Pre-recorded lessons that you will access weekly with your workbook 

What do you get?
- Includes course companion workbook - journal prompts galore!
- Includes a private facebook community for us to share, ask questions and inspire
- Accountability partners to help you expand and grow
- Meditations, Mindset tools to ground you and bring you back to your inner self
- Tapping, yoga and breathwork
- Essential oil package curated to help support you on your path
- A plan to take your current goals and turn them into reality
- Guest speakers
- Access to our virtual yoga/movement studio (streaming)
- & so much more!

This course is being offered to for AWL members ONLY for $197!
You can pay a one-time payment of $197 OR 5 payments of $44.

Hello AWL Babes!

If you haven't met me yet, I'm Marcia Hoffheins and I am here to help you all live your greatest life while killing it in your business!
A little bit about me (the creds) I've been a yoga professional for the past 18 years. I have immersed myself in the world of health, wellness and coaching and make it my life's mission to watch women live vibrant whole hearted, well rounded, abundant, successful lives!
2 years ago, my personal coaching business launched - virtually. Little did I know then, that this was a smart move on my part! However, I LOVE my community. Last year, I joined AWL to meet more of you - as I was literally "stuck" inside yoga studios - and it was my own personal goal to expand. AWL has given me, you, us this space - and for that I will be eternally grateful to Barbara.

So, speaking of Barbara - a few weeks ago, she and I spoke about  my masterclass and offering it to you all.
This program is to balance your PERSONAL life with your BUSINESS life. Let's face it, as entrepreneurs - we have a hard time delineating what is work and what is life. This program will offer you a variety of tools to help you elevate your "life" vs your "work life" and you will then WATCH your work life turn to GOLD!!

"When I think of Marcia, I think of her as a light bulb! A light bulb that is always ‘on’! I say this because every time I work with her she gifts me with so many light bulb moments. She has a way of truly listening to you and tapping into your soul. After attending one of her Make Shift Happen Courses, I honestly was able to look at myself in such a different light......a beautiful, bright and shiny light. One of the more incredible things about Marcia is she herself is a student of life, not just the teacher. She never makes you feel like she’s the only one with the answers. If anything, she helps you harness those answers yourself. I am blessed to have Marcia in my life as a guiding light!”
- Raquel Borras (AWL member)

"Working with Marcia through her MSH Programs has been one of the best, as well as most rewarding, experiences for me. Marcia doesn't give you the answers - she encourages, helps, and pushes YOU to dig down down and find out who you are, what you want in life, and how to make it happen. Marcia is like the wheels of a vehicle to keep you moving, while leaving you to steer in your own direction! Because of this life-changing work, I started to receive, in abundance, what I was putting out into the universe. These programs challenged me to dig down deep, find what set my soul on fire, and go after it! I love continuously watching how this work changes my life in the most amazing way."
- Brianna D.